Why Painting The Inside And Outside Of Your Home Before Selling Has A High ROI

Decades ago, many home buyers accepted that homes weren’t perfect and if they were a little handy they could maybe get a better price. And at the same time, a lot of sellers didn’t have an eye for detail, and didn’t really care if their homes needed work when they sold them. Now, however, homes have risen in value to where they are a major investment in most people’s lives, something that is difficult to attain. So they are more choosy, less accepting of dirty, broken, and unpainted homes that are put on the market hastily. And for the seller, there is a list of fixes and repairs that return top dollar in the final sales price.

Trimming And Cleaning Up The Yard

One of the first priorities would have to be trimming the yard, the grass, bushes, trees, and everything else should be nicely and cleanly cut. The flowerbeds should be weed free, and if possible, a load of bark dust layered into the beds would be a cheap improvement that really ads curb appeal.

When prospective buyers are looking for homes, they start by driving by in their cars. Run-down homes, with cluttered, overgrown, and messy yards, are only going to appeal to the bargain hunters that are looking for a good deal. Not to the nice family, with good jobs, high incomes, and a desire for a pretty new home.

You Should Definitely Consider Painting Your Exterior

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, right after trimming the yard back comes putting on a new coat of exterior paint. If the old paint is dirty, peeling, or of an out-dated color, take the time to repaint the entire exterior of the home. It’s one of the best returns on investment you can do before selling. It increases curb appeal exponentially.

Pay attention to your local real estate agent when it comes to choosing a popular exterior color. Different homes look better in different colors and different parts of town have their favorites. Of course, you can go on the internet and get lists of the top selling exterior home colors nationwide too. But, what sells well on the East Coast, the South, or even the Southwest are all going to be different.

Get several opinions before choosing a color scheme. By scheme, we’re talking about the base color, then trim, and finally a third accent color for only a few outstanding parts of the home, like the front door and shutters. Experts estimate that painting your home the right color before selling it adds on about an extra $3,500 to the amount you can expect to get in final sales price. Having the right contrasting color on the front door can be worth as much as $1,500 alone!

Don’t Forget To Paint The Inside

Once you move out, you’ll soon realize that everywhere you had a picture hung on the wall, there is not only a chip where the nail was but a shadow of dirt and faded paint below. This will be painfully obvious to anyone that walks into the home for a tour as well.

Painting the inside of the home has the next best return on investment after painting the outside. It gives it that clean and fresh look that any new home buyer will be seeking when they invest their money in a new home. If they’ve just sold their own home, they most like painted that and won’t want to turn right around and do it again in their new home. In fact, they may resent the fact that the seller didn’t take the time, as they did, to spiff up the inside of the home before sale. On the other hand, new buyers appreciate not having to do a lot of repairs after investing their hard earned money into a new place to live.

If you have doubts at how important it is to paint both the exterior and interior of a home before selling, just ask any realtor and they’ll tell you. They’ll stress how difficult it is to get a good price on a run down garbage heap and how the modern buyer wants everything spotless, and move-in ready.

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